What Are Invisalign Buttons, Invisalign Bumpers, and Attachments?

What are Invisalign Buttons, Invisalign Bumpers, and Attachments? How do they work and do you need them during your Invisalign treatment? Are they different or the same? Everything that you must learn about Invisalign buttons, Invisalign bumpers, and attachments is here. But before we come to that, let’s learn what exactly Invisalign is. 

What are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign is not a new thing. You might be aware of its role and functions in orthodontic dentistry. It is a pair of clear aligners that are customized as per the patient’s teeth structure to straighten and align misaligned teeth in a correct alignment. It hugely contributes to fixing complicated malocclusion issues as well as improving and restoring the smile of an orthodontic patient. 

Invisalign Aligners Require Buttons, Bumpers, and Attachments to Produce Great Results 

Invisalign is a faster and more discrete orthodontic treatment that has the potential to fix a wide range of complicated orthodontic cases. But, did you know that Invisalign aligners alone cannot produce great results? It needs additional support which it obtains from buttons, bumpers, and attachments. But, what are these? 

If you have ever undergone an Invisalign treatment, you must be aware of them. You might not know about them if you never have received an Invisalign treatment. Let’s find out together “what are Invisalign buttons, bumpers, and attachments, and are they different or the same.”

What are Invisalign Buttons, Invisalign Bumpers, and Invisalign Attachments? 

Unlike traditional metal braces that are always used with metal brackets, Invisalign has the immense potential to fix an extensive range of orthodontic issues alone. It doesn’t necessarily need additional support to treat small gaps, slightly misaligned teeth, and minor crooked teeth issues. However, in case of more complicated orthodontic problems requiring more complex teeth movements, Invisalign also requires additional support. This is where Invisalign Buttons, bumpers, and Attachments become crucial.

What are Invisalign Buttons? 

What are Invisalign Buttons? Buttons on Invisalign are one of the Invisalign attachments used by orthodontists for making Invisalign treatment more effective and efficient. They are small button-like pieces affixed to the patient’s teeth to generate some extra force so that the desired teeth movement can be obtained. The use of these Invisalign metal buttons assists in shifting more complex to move teeth to their right place. They are made of a tooth-colored dental material- dental composite resin, making them almost fully invisible. People can detect them affixed on your teeth only when looking at your teeth from a very close distance. 

Invisalign metal buttons could be in many different shapes, depending on the treatment requirements of the patient. They could be in the form of a circle, rectangle, or square. Now you understand what are Invisalign buttons. Find out now about attachments.  

What are Invisalign Attachments? 

What are Invisalign Attachments? Invisalign Attachments are tiny pieces of dental composite resin (a dental filling material) that are attached to the Invisalign patient’s teeth to provide firm gripping to the aligners. They help orthodontists to place a pair of clear aligners perfectly and firmly over the patient’s teeth. It is important to know that Invisalign attachments are not necessary in all cases. You may or may not need Invisalign attachments for your Invisalign treatment, depending on the complexity of your misaligned teeth. Your dentist will examine your misaligned teeth and then only recommend the addition of Invisalign attachments to your Invisalign treatment if required. 

You need not do anything. Your dentist itself decides whether you need Invisalign attachments or not after completing the deep examination of your teeth alignment. 

What are Invisalign Bumpers? 

Invisalign bumpers are no different. It is just another term to describe Invisalign attachments and buttons. The logic and the reason behind using this term to describe Invisalign attachments are pretty simple. The shape of the attachments which look like tiny bumps is the reason Invisalign attachments are called Invisalign bumpers. 

Therefore, do not get confused with the term Invisalign bumpers. When a dentist recommends you for this, this means he/she is recommending you for Invisalign attachments.  

Difference Between Invisalign Buttons and Invisalign Attachments

Invisalign Attachments is an umbrella term for all attachments used to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of an Invisalign Treatment. Invisalign buttons come under the Invisalign attachments.

Chiefly, there are two different types of Invisalign attachments; one that provides firm gripping to clear aligners over the patient’s teeth and the other one is Invisalign buttons that are responsible for putting some extra force over teeth to generate desired teeth movement. 

The difference between Invisalign Buttons and Invisalign Attachments is clear. They look quite similar in appearance and are made of composite resin material but their functions are different. That’s the lone difference between these Invisalign Attachments. 

How Do Invisalign Buttons Work? 

If you are reluctant to know “How do Invisalign buttons work or how do Invisalign attachment work,”  find it here. 

Invisalign Attachments, buttons, and bumpers are additional support to Invisalign aligners. They support clear aligners to exert more pressure and force on certain teeth that require complex teeth movement to be correctly positioned. When these buttons and bumpers are placed over the patient’s teeth, the friction generated by aligners increases. And they allow themselves to put an extra amount of force over their teeth. This process fastens any type of complex teeth movements. As a result, patients receive the outcome fastly and get rid of misaligned teeth. 

To learn about how Invisalign buttons work in detail and how will it work on your mouth, consult your dentist. 

Are Invisalign Buttons and Attachments Painful?

Everything that we receive, perform, or indulge in for the very first time doesn’t come easy. Invisalign Buttons, Bumpers, Attachments, and a pair of Invisalign aligners themselves are not an exception. 

Since Invisalign Buttons and Attachments are designed to put additional force on the patient’s teeth, some pain and discomfort in the initial stage are common. You might feel a heaviness inside your mouth which may force you to remove Invisalign Attachments and even Invisalign Aligners. It is important to understand that pain and discomfort in a couple of first weeks are common. You will get used to Invisalign Aligners and Invisalign Attachments after a couple of weeks. 

In case the pain and discomfort are unbearable and cause gum bleeding, see your dentist as soon as possible. The dentist may prescribe you some medications or he/she could also make some changes to your Invisalign treatment plan. 

How are Invisalign Buttons and Attachments Affixed Over Teeth? 

As already explained in this post, buttons on Invisalign, bumpers, and attachments are tiny pieces of composite resin. You know now what are Invisalign buttons, but how they are affixed? 

It’s tough for dentists to place and fix these tiny attachments over the patient’s teeth without using an appliance. Dentists use a template aligner (an appliance containing small gaps over it for Invisalign attachments to be placed) to place and affix Invisalign buttons and attachments over a patient’s teeth. But, before they place the attachments over the patient’s teeth, they utilize a special gel to prepare the teeth’ surface. This process is important for fixing attachments firmly. 

Once the dentist prepares the patient’s teeth’ surface, they place the template aligner, which contains Invisalign Attachments over it, over the patient’s teeth. Dentists put light force on the template aligner and adjust it to correctly place it. Once placed correctly, a special light is used by dentists to harden attachments and firmly fix them. They leave template aligners over the patients for a few minutes. Once they ensure the attachments are firmly fixed, they remove the template aligner and then proceed further to place Invisalign aligners.

How are Invisalign Buttons Removed?

How are Invisalign Attachments removed or how are buttons removed? Find out below.

Invisalign attachments are removed by dentists only. You have nothing to do about it. Dentists use a specialized tool to remove buttons on Invisalign or attachments on Invisalign from your teeth. After removing Invisalign attachments they might use a gel or some other solutions to repair your teeth’ surface as the removal process may cause a little damage to your teeth’ upper layer.

To learn how are buttons removed, consult your dentist. He/she can better tell you.

How are Invisalign Buttons Removed Along With Aligners? 

How to take out Invisalign with attachments or how to are Invisalign buttons removed with aligners? Here is how:

Invisalign aligners and buttons on Invisalign are removed separately. Since attachments are firmly stuck to the teeth, dentists cannot take them out along with clear aligners. Do not try to remove both together at home as removing Invisalign buttons along with aligners may cause a serious mouth injury. Consult your dentists if you no longer want Invisalign bumpers to be there over your teeth. 

Do You Need Invisalign Bumpers? 

You may or may not need Invisalign bumpers during your Invisalign treatment. It completely depends on the complexity of your teeth’ structure and the amount of teeth movement required to correctly position your teeth. Your dentist can only tell you whether your Invisalign treatment needs additional support in the form of buttons on Invisalign or not. 

To determine whether your Invisalign treatment needs additional support or not, your dentist will examine your teeth. They may take photographs of your teeth, take teeth impressions, or scan your mouth using an x-ray machine. This examination will allow your dentist to see the details of your teeth’ structure which further help them to design an Invisalign treatment plan with Invisalign attachments. If your teeth structures comprise only minor gaps and slightly misaligned teeth, Invisalign attachments are not necessary. You may get improved teeth alignment without using Invisalign buttons and attachments. 

Does an Addition of Attachments Increase the Cost of Invisalign Treatment? 

Invisalign attachments are though tiny pieces, they are made of composite resin and are designed as per the patient’s needs. So, an addition of attachments will most probably increase the cost of your Invisalign treatment. Consult your dentist to know everything about the cost of Invisalign treatment after the addition of attachments.

Possible Complications Associated With Invisalign Buttons and Attachments

There are no side effects of buttons on Invisalign, but some complications are associated with them. You may develop plaque buildup and stains over your teeth. Some people also face tooth decay. To avoid these complications, you must regularly perform healthy oral practices. Brushing and flossing are the most important. Avoid drinking acidic and alcoholic drinks; these might badly damage your teeth’ surface. 

You may also face difficulties while removing your Invisalign aligners due to Invisalign attachments in the initial stage. However, once you get used to it, it won’t be an issue. 

The Bottom Line 

Invisalign buttons, Invisalign bumpers, and Invisalign attachments are additional support to Invisalign treatment. They are used to assist Invisalign aligners to perform complex teeth movements. They are not necessary for every Invisalign patient. Your dentist may add attachments to your treatment if your teeth structure is too complicated. 

We hope now you know “what are Invisalign buttons, Invisalign bumpers, and Invisalign attachments.” For more informative posts, stay tuned with The Health Tonic website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can you take off Invisalign attachments at home?

Invisalign attachments are firmly attached to the patient’s teeth. They are glued to the teeth using a special procedure. They should not be removed at home as it could be risky. Your dentist will only remove Invisalign Attachments once the treatment is completed.

Do Buttons Speed Up Invisalign?

Since Invisalign buttons and attachments exert extra force on the patient’s teeth and perform more complex teeth movements, they speed up Invisalign treatment is correct to say.

Can Invisalign buttons come off?

You may find Invisalign attachments come off your teeth sometimes. Do not panic; it happens sometimes. You just need to meet your dentist as soon as possible.

Does Everyone Get Invisalign Buttons?

Every patient taking Invisalign treatment doesn’t necessarily require Invisalign attachments. Your dentist adds attachments to your Invisalign treatment only when your teeth structure is an extremely complicated case and they are hard to be correctly aligned.

How many buttons are normal for Invisalign?

Dentists can add up to 20 Invisalign buttons and attachments to Invisalign treatment, depending on the requirements of the case.

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