The Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost, Pros & Cons, and More

With people, especially women, getting more affectionate about their body appearance and skin texture, laser body hair removal has become a vital treatment option. It is a fast and effective procedure to remove unwanted body hair. The treatment usually takes fewer sessions to completely remove the hair. Some minor complications are associated with it, but people usually worry about the full body laser hair removal cost. It is an expensive treatment. Some people are not able to afford this. 

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full Body Laser Hair Removal, as implied by the term, is a highly effective laser treatment procedure used to remove hair from the entire body. Results from this non-invasive hair removal method are long-lasting. This treatment procedure is accessible globally at spa & massage centers. It is slightly more expensive than regular laser hair removal procedures but still a favorite option for many people to get their body hair removed because of its effectiveness and long-lasting results. The full body laser hair removal treatment becomes even more expensive when in case you have densely hairy skin and you want hair to be removed from your entire body. 

How the Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost Are Determined

Laser Body Hair Removal Treatment is not among the many cheap hair removal solutions out there that are slow and might have certain side effects. It is fast and effective, but the full body laser hair removal cost is still a big reason people often worry before considering it. However, when your ultimate goal is to get smoother and clearer skin, the cost of full body laser hair removal should not be a reason to worry you. 

The cost of this advanced hair removal treatment is determined depending upon the type of laser utilized and the quantity of hair on the section of the body you want your hair to be laser removed. There are some other factors that have a major impact on determining the cost of full-body laser hair removal treatment such as the expertise and experience of the specialists and the status of the clinic or massage center. 

How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

People often ask and search for “how much does full body laser hair removal cost.” It is a very common question. The amount of work to be done, the place you live, and the clinic or specialist you choose affect your laser hair removal full body cost. Most consumers often report spending $100 to $800 on each treatment. It is the cost of a single laser hair removal session and the full treatment typically takes 8 -10 such sessions to achieve the optimum results. Based on both body components’ size, the price may rise noticeably or not change at all.

The incredible thing is that numerous places provide thorough assistance, allowing you to select the ideal solutions while learning about all the procedures, payment plans, and prices related to laser hair removal.

Full Body Laser Treatment Procedure

You could get a comprehensive hair-removal laser procedure in various settings, including dermatology offices, medical spas, and even certain beauty salons. Depending on where and with whom you have the treatment done, the Cost of laser hair removal will change. Therapy sessions may take two to three hours, depending on which parts of the body you want to be hairless. Both smaller and larger areas are acceptable.

What Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Include

Full-body laser hair removal involves moving the laser over the skin to remove hair from a significant area of the skin. This procedure may include hair removal from the bikini line, upper and lower legs, whole arms, and facial hair. When performed only on select parts of the body, laser hair removal cost is not a reason to worry. But when performed on the entire body, full body laser hair removal cost could be a little higher. Since lasers target dark pigment, they do less harm to lighter skin tones, but you should always see your doctor before beginning treatment.

How Laser Hair Removal Procedure is Performed

No matter how frequently laser hair removal is performed, a full-body procedure will take roughly one hour to three hours. Before your session, the specialists will apply a specific cream to stop your skin from burning or becoming irritated. After that, the treatment area is cleansed and, if necessary, shaved.

After that, the specialist will move the laser over your skin, focusing briefly on each site. This method shouldn’t be utilized in areas with tattoos or tan lines since it might have unexpected results. You could be given lotions and creams by certain salons to use on your skin as it heals following your appointment. To ensure that your skin heals properly and without giving you any discomfort or peeling, you must follow all of these instructions.

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Do You Need a Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

Full body laser hair removal treatment benefits anyone who wants to get rid of most of their hairy legs and wait a long period between waxing and shaving. The price could be justified if you want to avoid waxing or shaving. Laser specialists use light energy, a laser light, and a light beam to kill the hair follicles and stop further growth, whether there is a large or small area on the body to be treated. 

This form of laser therapy is quite beneficial for many different skin types. It mainly functions well on lighter skin tones and darker hair types. Fair skin targets dark hair and hair follicles more efficiently than dark skin. The actively growing stage of the hair development process is the objective of these therapies. This will effectively have long-term impacts. You might get hair removal using lasers on the entire body, including your upper lip, full legs, whole face, bikini region, and even your arms. Laser hair removal total body cost may vary as per your need. It will vary depending on where you receive therapy.

Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Although full body laser hair removal cost is quite higher than regular hair removal treatment, there are serval benefits of it. One benefit of total body laser hair removal is that it is less uncomfortable than waxing or shaving. You will ultimately need fewer treatments since the effects last longer and the regrowth is finer. The treatment area’s less hair growth will eventually benefit your skin. It works nicely for permanent hair removal and removes excess body hair!

This is the simplest way to prevent ingrown hairs on some skin regions. This quick method is precise and provides an excellent long-term solution to hair growth. It would help if you avoided the sun before and after treatments for the best results.


Following a full-body laser hair removal treatment, most people have some skin redness, which may last for several hours or even overnight. The surrounding skin may tingle or appear sensitive while receiving treatment. The best technique to alleviate the adverse effects of treating the treated region is to apply ice to any afflicted body parts. You may continue all typically planned activities. Even though some peeling is anticipated after the treatment, it shouldn’t sting or itch.

Call your doctor immediately if you have discomfort or if your skin seems dry and scaly. When performed correctly, full-body laser hair removal delivers excellent results that last for many years, if not a lifetime.

Bottom Line

The full body laser hair removal cost varies at some point, but the after-results will help you get smooth skin. In addition, for your skin to heal correctly and be ready for the upcoming treatment, you must follow your doctor’s instructions strictly.

Since your hair grows in cycles, it often takes 6–8 successful treatments to get the desired effects. Laser treatments are used to permanently decrease hair growth on specific body parts, such as legs, arms, chest, etc. Generally, you feel a little pain and burning sensation during the treatment because of the heat of the laser. However, it is completely bearable. A painless laser hair removal treatment can be performed by laser hair removal experts at your request. This helps remove even the tiniest and thinnest hair from your body and prevents new hair growth.

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