How to Stop One Month Pregnancy | Abortion Pills, Patches, Many More

For women, having a pregnancy is one of the most pleasant and satisfying experiences. However, this experience does not remain the same in cases of unplanned pregnancy. In fact, it becomes a stressful and bothersome matter for a couple who experiences an unplanned pregnancy. You must be prepared to handle this situation wisely. And for that, you must know how to stop one month pregnancy.  

An unplanned pregnancy can be prevented in three major ways: medical abortion (by intaking prescription medications, such as mifepristone and misoprostol), surgical abortion (via a surgical intervention), and at-home abortion (using home remedies). All these three options are very effective and safe if taken as per the medical instructions. 

Medical abortion is the intaking of abortion pills, such as mifepristone and misoprostol while surgical abortion is a surgical intervention where qualified doctors can use certain surgical procedures to prevent your pregnancy. Those surgical procedures include Suction Aspiration and Dilation & Evacuation. At-home abortion includes the consumption of papaya, cinnamon, and home remedies that are effective to stop fetal development.  

Unplanned pregnancy is caused by having unprotected sexual intercourse. If you can have control over this, you can avoid unplanned pregnancy. So, before we move ahead to the methods of preventing pregnancy after one month, let’s first discuss various birth controls that help in stopping the sperm from reaching the egg.

Birth Controls that Help Avoid Unprotected Sex (Barrier Methods)

If you are sexually active but do not want to have a baby, your options are barrier methods. They prevent sperm from reaching inside the egg. To know what is the best birth control and how does birth control prevent pregnancy, go through the below section.

Some of the best barrier methods include:


Condoms come for both men and women. They are the only contraception that not only helps in avoiding pregnancy but also provides safety against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).  

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), if correctly used, male and female condoms are about 85% and 79% effective respectively in preventing sperm from reaching inside the egg. They are also safe to use but if you are allergic to latex (a thin material used to make condoms), they might not be safe for you. However, you have other safe options out there.

Both male and female condoms are available in medical stores and online stores as over-the-counter products. You do not need a prescription from a doctor to buy them. To find the best-quality condoms that are safe and effective, click the link below.

Cervical Cap

A cervical cap is also called a FemCap. It is a silicon-made cap that is inserted deep into the vigina along with spermicide a few hours before having sexual intercourse to prevent sperm from reaching inside the egg. It needs to be kept inside the vigina at least six hours after having sex.

According to studies, cervical caps are 70% to 85% effective in preventing pregnancy. These are available as OTC products at drugstores and online stores. You can also buy a cervical cup from the link attached below. 

Contraceptive Sponge

A contraceptive sponge (also called “birth control sponge” and shortly “sponge”) is another effective barrier method for preventing conception. It is a squishy plastic-made small round sponge that is placed deep inside the vigina. Spermicide is also used along with a contraceptive sponge. 

This is 76% to 88% percent effective (depending on various factors), but its effectiveness increases more if used along with condoms. 


Spermicide is a chemical that eliminates the fertilization ability of sperm. It comes in different forms, including tablets, foam, gel, cream, and suppository. It is generally used along with a cervical cap or sponge, but it can also be used alone. It is placed about one hour before having sexual intercourse. 

Spermicide is around 71% effective, but its effectiveness can be increased if it is used with other barrier methods. 

How to Stop One Month Pregnancy (Hormonal Methods)

Do you want to know how to stop one month pregnancy most safely? Hormonal methods are the best options. They aim at preventing the ovulation process. 

Most hormonal methods of contraception contain estrogen and progestin or only progestin. They are generally taken with a prescription and not available as OTC products. 

Here are some of the most effective hormonal methods:

Birth Control Pills or Abortion Pills 

Birth control pills, abortion pills, contraceptive pills, and pastilla abortiva (in Spanish) are similar terms. They are considered the safest and most effective solution to prevent unplanned pregnancy. They are also the most commonly used birth control.

There are two types of abortion pill: combined pill and mini pill. 

Combined Pill- Combined pill contains both hormones estrogen and progestin. You cannot buy it online or as an OTC medication as this is prescribed by a qualified doctor. This birth control pill must be taken at the same time daily for effective results. If you are a smoker or have a history of breast cancer or blood clots, you must avoid this pastilla abortiva

Mini Pill- Mini pill is also called a progestin-only pill as it contains only progestin. It is also prescribed by a qualified doctor and taken at the same time daily. 

Vaginal Ring

The viginal ring or contraceptive ring contains both hormones estrogen and progestin. This ring is inserted deep into the vigina for three weeks at a time. This releases hormones inside your vigina that help in preventing pregnancy. 

You are required to remove your contraceptive ring for one week during your periods. After periods, you can put a new viginal ring again inside your vigina.  

Contraceptive Patches

Contraceptive patches are worn on the lower abdominal part, buttocks, upper arm, or back. They contain estrogen and progestin that are released into your bloodstream. They are 99% effective if used correctly. 

Contraceptive Shot/ Injection (Depo-Provera)

The contraceptive injection or birth control shot (Depo-Provera) contains progestin. It is injected into the buttocks or upper arm every three months by a qualified doctor to prevent pregnancy. It is 99% effective in driving the result.


Similar to other abortion pills and other hormonal contraception methods, implants contain estrogen and progestin. They are matchstick-sized rods that are inserted into the arm. The rod releases hormones estrogen and progestin which help in preventing pregnancy. 

How to Stop Pregnancy After One Month- Intrauterine Contraception 

We have explained several ways to prevent pregnancy in the above sections. If you still want to know how to stop pregnancy after one month, Intrauterine contraception could be another good option for you. 

IUDs (Intrauterine Devices)

Intrauterine devices are another most effective way to prevent pregnancy. They come in two different forms, including:

Hormonal- These types of IUDs come in T-shape. Doctors insert this device into the uterus. It prevents sperm from entering the uterus by thickening the cervical mucus. These types of IUDs are expected to last around 3 to 6 years depending on various factors. 

Copper T- This is a hormone-free IUD. This eliminates sperm fertility and can last for around 10 years. 

Emergency Contraception Methods

Emergency contraception methods are used when you have unprotected sex or in case of failure of birth control, such as a condom break. 

Contraceptive pills, abortion pills, or pastilla abortiva are taken within 5 days after having unprotected sex as emergency contraception. A Copper T IUD can also be used within 5 days after the unprotected sex as emergency contraception. 


As you have now got to know all the contraception options you have, we believe, how to stop one month pregnancy is no longer an unsolved query for you. You can prevent your pregnancy using the options explained in this post. Make sure you consult your doctor before using contraception. 

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