How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise: 8 Effective Ways

Exercises with a balanced diet are proven to help in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight. However, for most people, sticking to a regimented workout schedule and diet plan for a prolonged period is very challenging. Some people get frustrated with it while others do not get enough time for it. Hence, lots of people often ask us how to lose weight fast without exercise and a strict diet plan. Is it possible? Let’s discover together in this descriptive article. 

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise? 

Many studies explain that exercises with a regimented diet plan are a must for losing weight fastly. However, there are also some authorized studies and research papers that say that losing weight without daily workouts and a strict diet plan is possible. This means it is not necessary to do workouts regularly and follow a strict weight loss diet to lose your extra body weight. Yes, you have read it right. Maybe it is great information for you if you are one of those who are frustrated with hitting the gym daily and following a conventional diet to lose weight.

Well, but, how to lose weight fast without exercise and a balanced diet? Find out some of the tried and tested ways to lose weight without exercise below!

Eat Slowly and Chew Your Meal Properly

The increased weight or obesity is caused by many different factors. Eating at a faster pace without chewing the food thoroughly is one of those. It directly affects your body weight and is one of the prominent causes of being overweight. 

Many research papers and studies that have been conducted on how to lose weight fast without exercise also report that eaters that finish their meals faster are prone to gain unhealthy fat. They are also prone to indigestion and sourness. Additionally, they may also develop some health diseases or disorders by getting fast-eating into their habit. 

Hence, doctors and dietitians frequently advise you to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. This not only helps in better digestion but also makes you feel full after even intaking a lesser amount of food. As a result, you eat less, still, feel full, and escape extra fat gain. 

Avoid Unhealthy Foods 

First things first, with this point, we are not advising you to cut down on your meals but we are recommending you avoid unhealthy foods as they are one of the biggest reasons you gain additional body fat. The unhealthy foods you need to avoid, include:

  • Fried Foods 
  • Fast Foods
  • Full-Fat Dairy Products 
  • Commercially-Baked Cookies, Muffins, Cake, and Pizzas
  • Soft Cheese
  • Packaged Snacks 
  • Poultry Skin 

If you do not want to compromise with these foods and looking for how to lose weight fast without exercise and diet, the best advice for you is to cut down your intake of these foods and eat other healthy foods. 

Increase the Amount of Protein in Your Diet  

Protein-rich foods are very essential for reducing extra fat and maintaining healthy body weight. They are also essential for efficient metabolism and constant growth. 

Some studies conducted on how to lose weight fast without exercise found that intaking protein-rich foods lead to increased fullness, reduced hunger, and lesser intake of calories. The reason could be that protein interacts with the hormones associated with hunger and fullness, such as ghrelin. 

One study suggests that increasing the intake of protein by 15% to 30% of the calories that you intake daily helps in reducing the intake of up to 441 calories per day, resulting in the loss of around 11 pounds over the next 3 months.

There are many ways you can add protein in a healthy amount to your diet. Some of the protein-rich eatables you should consider are Greek yogurts, lentils, almonds, quinoa, chia seeds, hemp seeds, fish, meat, and eggs. 

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Increase Your Intake of Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods contain countless natural properties that help in maintaining overall health. They are also very effective in helping lose weight. When you eat more fiber-rich foods, you feel full and satiated, making you reduce your intake of meals. This is because of Viscous fiber which is found in several plant foods, including beans, Brussels sprouts, oat cereals, oranges, and flax seeds. This fiber produces a gel when interacting with water in your body and the gel increases the absorption time for nutrition in your body, resulting in emptying your stomach slowly. 

Do Not Sit For Prolonged Periods 

You want to know how to lose weight fast without exercise and diet. Right? The tips we shared above with you don’t include any exercises. But, you can’t achieve your goal faster with an inactive body. You need to keep your body active by practicing at least some low-impact physical activities, like walking, playing, climbing stairs, and doing your daily affairs. Do not sit for a prolonged period because this is one of the biggest causes of obesity and being overweight. 

Drink More Water 

Health experts always advise drinking more water. It is because drinking adequate water a day keeps you healthy and helps avoid unwanted health diseases and conditions. 

The dietitians suggest that drinking 17 ounces of water before every meal can significantly reduce your intake of calories because you often feel full after Intaking water. Additionally, we would suggest replacing your calorie drinks with water can help you obtain even better and faster results. 

Complete Your Daily Sleep Hours 

Today, most people sleep for only 4-6 hours a day. This is not a complete sleep. Health experts suggest that one should at least take 8 hours of sleep every day. It helps you avoid stress, feel fresh and energetic, and improve your overall health. In many research papers, it has been found that incomplete sleep has a direct relation to being overweight. So, make sure you complete your sleep every day and allow your body to release extra fat faster. 

Tell Your Mind That You Have Enough in Your Stomach 

This is one of the most effective pieces of advice for you if you are seeking how to lose weight fast without exercise. Whether your stomach is full or not, your mind craves tasty and spicy foods. It keeps sending signals to you to eat more. You have to tell your mind that you have already enough in your stomach and that you can do with a few, such as:

  • Use smaller plates and bowls for having your meals. The amount of food looks more than it actually is when you use smaller plates and bowls. This is one way to tell your brain that you have enough. 
  • Drink water after having a meal so that you feel completely satiated. 
  • Shift your mind to other things after completing your meals. 
  • Eat slowly so that your mind thinks you already have enough in your stomach as you are eating for a long time. 
  • Keep foods away from your sight.

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise: Takeaways 

We hope now you know how to lose weight fast without exercise and diet. All the tips we have shared with you in this guide are effective, but you must keep your body active to gain the maximum benefits of these tips. Lastly, we would recommend following a balanced diet and daily workouts for even better and faster results.

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