Best-Selling Herbalife Nutrition Products Price List

Herbalife Nutrition Products Price List

Looking for an estimate for a particular Herbalife product? Here, we have compiled the best-selling Herbalife nutrition products price list. Find out the price of the product that you are searching for below. But, before coming to the price part, let’s have a quick introduction of the Herbalife company. 

Introducing Herbalife 

For over three decades, Herbalife has been a trusted name in the health and wellness industry, offering a wide selection of nutritional supplements and other items. The company’s headquarters may be found in the USA, where it was created in 1980. When it comes to weight loss, exercise, and general health, Herbalife has you covered with a vast selection of products. The promotion of a well-rounded, healthful lifestyle is the company’s top priority. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive Herbalife nutrition products price list so that you may make an informed selection along your path to health and fitness.

Note: Please note that the prices listed in this article are estimates, and that the real costs you pay may vary both by region and by specific product version. A Herbalife distributor who is authorized to sell the company’s products is your best bet for accurate and up-to-date price information.

Herbalife Nutrition Products Price List 2024

Find some of the best-selling Herbalife nutrition products with all their details, including the price. Our Herbalife nutrition products price list 2023 starts with the Formula 1 nutritional shake.

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix

Meal replacement shakes have been increasingly popular in recent years, and Herbalife’s Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix is a top seller. This smoothie mix is packed with healthy ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and protein, making it a great option for anyone trying to eat well. An estimated accurate price for a 550-gram container of Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix is $35 to $40.

Protein Supplements 

The second product in our Herbalife nutrition products price list is Protein supplements. These are available to aid with muscle development, repair, and recovery. These nutritional aids come in many forms, including protein powders and bars. Herbalife’s protein supplements start at $25 for a container weighing 600 grams, although the price can go up or down significantly depending on the supplement and the quantity ordered.

Herbal Tea Concentrate

Herbal tea concentrate is a calorie-free, caffeine-free, and naturally sweetened beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Green tea and other botanical plant extracts work together to give you a natural energy boost. In the range of $35-$40, you may get a 50-gram container of Herbal Tea Concentrate, which is enough to make around 60 cups of tea.

Aloe Vera Concentrate

Another quality and healthy product in our Herbalife nutrition products price list is Aloe Vera Concentrate. In addition to soothing you down, Aloe Vera Concentrate aids in digestion and nutritional absorption. The aloe vera plant is used to create a concentrate that can be diluted with water or mixed with other drinks. The aloe vera plant is edible. A 473-milliliter bottle of aloe vera concentrate costs between $25 and $30.

Herbalife24 Sports Nutrition

Herbalife24 is a special product line created for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who lead active lifestyles. It includes things like pre-workout formulas, hydration drinks, and post-workout recovery products. Herbalife24 merchandise costs between $30 and $60, depending on the item and quantity ordered.

Personalized Protein Powder

Supplemental Formula 1 protein powder can be used in a wide variety of ways, including smoothies, soups, and other dishes. It can also be consumed on its own in place of a regular meal. Consumption of this food aids in both weight maintenance and satiety. You should expect to pay somewhere between $25 and $30 for a 360-gram tub of Personalized Protein Powder.

The following table continues the Herbalife nutrition products price list 2024 and provides further details regarding the cost: 

SN.Product CodeProduct NamePrice
1SKU 154KFormula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Rose Kheer 500 g1196
2SKU 127KWomens Choice1,139
3SKU 1248Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Dutch Chocolate 500 g1,996
4SKU 1238Afresh Energy Drink Mix Cinnamon 50 g744
5SKU 080KAfresh Energy Drink Mix Tulsi 50 g744
6SKU 031KH24 Rebuild Strength2,396
7SKU 0077Herbal Control3,144
8SKU 0065Herbalifeline® 60 Softgels2,443
9SKU 1291Afresh Energy Drink Mix Ginger 50 g744
10SKU 082KFormula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Banana Caramel 500 g1,996
11SKU 1294Afresh Energy Drink Mix Elaichi 50 g744
12SKU 1249Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Mango 500 g1,996
13SKU 051KBeta Heart Vanilla2,054
14SKU 1295Afresh Energy Drink Mix Lemon 50 g744
15SKU 0006Herbal Aloe concentrate (original)2,469
16SKU 2865Active fiber complex – Unflavored2,344
17SKU 2637Niteworks6,528
18SKU 1269Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Orange Cream 500 g1,996
19SKU 1236Dinoshake Strawberry 200g1,021
20SKU 094KShakeMate598
21SKU 1232Multivitamin Mineral and Herbal Tablets Plus 90 Tablets1,834
22SKU 1247Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Vanilla 500 g1,996
23SKU 1458Herbalife H24 Hydrate1,499
24SKU 046KHN – Skin Booster – 30 Servings3,581
25SKU 1239Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Strawberry 500 g1,996
26SKU 1569Personalized Protein Powder 400 g2,276
27SKU 1279Dinoshake Chocolate 200 g1,021
28SKU 3123Cell Activator New 60 Tablets2,029
29SKU 0020Herbalife Calcium Tablets1,101
30SKU 0555Joint Support2,248
31SKU 4114Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Kulfi 500 g1,996
32SKU 1233Personalized Protein Powder 200 g1,185
33SKU 0111Cell-U-Loss 90 Tablets1,562
34SKU 1296Afresh Energy Drink Mix Peach 50 g744
35SKU 025KSimply Probiotic2,023
36SKU 1293Aloe Plus 60 Capsules970
37SKU 1278Activated Fibre 90 Tablets1,499
38SKU 109KBrain Health1,341
39SKU 115KImmune Health1,400

Concluding the Post

Herbalife’s many nutritional supplements and products are designed to help customers achieve their personal health and wellness goals. The Herbalife nutrition products price list attached in this page include the estimates. But, they should give you a good idea of what Herbalife products cost in general. It’s important to remember that costs may vary not only by location but also by the specific options you select for a given product. Checking in with a Herbalife distributor who is authorized to sell the company’s products is the best way to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information. You may make the right decision about your health and wellness journey by thinking about the variety of available Herbalife products and their prices. Our herbalife products price list may help you a lot with this. 

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